As Former Executive Director of Technology Transfer at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Cleveland, Ohio, PHS Primary Health System, Cleveland, Ohio has provided Dr. Shah the unique experience as both a medical technologist and business management professional. Dr. Shah has achieved exceptional corporate growth for the organizations he managed, which has made him a desirable and an asset to any company.

At CCF, a $2.2 billion diversified medical, education, research and medical practice organization, he was the Director of Technology Transfer Office where he coordinated the work of many physicians and medical personnel in their quest to license their patented technologies to suitable medical and pharmaceutical companies. His duties involved obtaining patents, managing royalties flow, working with venture companies, M&A groups and other funding sources. Dr. Shah was a participant in the State of Ohio sponsored Edison Biotechnology Center (EBTC) start-up while at CCF. This Center is now known as Bio Enterprise Inc., a successful incubator specializing in biomedical start-ups. Collectively, he worked in various departments such as R&D, Marketing, Venture group, and M&A group. He assisted Sherwood medical in its acquisition of a Dallas based Urological Silicone Product, a $70 million company. He helped FASSON to license with 25 Pharmaceutical (USA) companies to develop and manufacture Transdermal drug delivery system for a variety of drugs.

Keith O. Crews – Chairman/CEO

Keith operated EFA Acceptance Intl., a medical device marketing company responsible for the engineering of a prototype soft tissue diagnostic device to be implemented nationwide for commercial and government contract services. This company had technologies to identify the source of injuries sustained by individuals in the workplace. This soft tissue diagnostic system has already been accepted by both insurance companies and fortune 500 corporations

Keith O. Crews is Chairman and founder of Intelltranz Transaction Systems LLC, which is the parent company of 4 SquareBiz LLC. He is a twenty-year veteran of the internet marketing and telecommunication, renewable energy and oil & gas industries.

Keith was formerly CEO of Intellitranz Payment System, an Arthur Anderson e-Group company. It specialized in online payment processing; he facilitated the launch of AT & T Business Information Systems Easy World Wide Web (EW3) business unit. He supervised a four-state region specializing in data, communications, eCommerce and web development projects.

For eight years he served as president of TCE Global Energy, which is a renewable energy company that specializes in waste to energy products.
Keith O. Crews is CEO and founder of Mannix International LLC, is the parent company of Mannix Oil & Gas, Mannix Medical Holding Group and Envision Media Group. Keith is a twenty-year veteran of the Internet marketing and telecommunication, renewable energy and oil & gas industries.