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The “Stemy Coin” is the next generation in the stem cell evolutionary process. Our goal is to deploy worldwide advanced rejuvenation centers utilizing the latest and greatest stem cell technology to reverse aging and illness plaguing human beings on planet earth.

These new technological advancements are not limited to the usual embryonic or fetal regeneration processes already implemented and currently being deployed by a number of medical research centers and federally approved studies but also whatever and wherever cutting edge modalities that add 15 years to 25 years of additional longevity to your life cycle.

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To create a world where people can enjoy a healthy and happy life

Stem cell modalities will include

How do stem cells work,

What Is Stem Cell Therapy And How Are People Using It In The Cosmetics Field Now?

First, we should distinguish the difference between adult and embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are derived from an embryo and can become all types of cells within the body. They don’t have a specific function other than to be a manufacturing plant to create other types of cells. As we develop into a child these cells become more specific, called adult stem cells or multipotent stem cells. We have many of these cells as youth, but slowly, over time, we lose them as we age. Because of this, we take longer to recover from a sports injury or a wound as quickly. Several years ago, it seemed like there was no way to turn the clock back, until now. Recent research has discovered methods in which we can turn these cells back on or take them from one part of the body and place them in another. We are currently able to take blood and prepare it in a way to concentrate the platelets and white blood cells to turn these cells on for a while to reverse or slow aging or speed up the healing cascade. There are also methods of taking your fat, which was recently discovered as a storehouse for adult stem cells, like bone marrow, where we can transfer prepared fat to other parts of the body, like the face, to slow or reverse the aging of the skin and restore lost volume.


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